LEADSOC is UNSW’s student leadership society, founded in 2019 to promote and embrace leadership development at a university level. We empower students to take initiative in their personal and professional lives, inspiring learning, reinforcing development and strengthening community.



Empowering students to strive for excellence in personal and professional leadership.

Our Mission


Endeavour to learn the best practices from senior leaders, gaining key insights applicable to each and everyone’s daily lives.


Lead yourself with initiative and with motivation to build strong practices in development, gaining the tools and experience to lead others.


Building networks of friends and mentors to reflect and learn from your leadership experience..

Our Team

2021 Executive Team

Victoria Lee


Courtney Coates

Vice President Operations

Benjamin McGrath

Vice President Programs

Quang Huy Pham


Nishil Patel


2020 Executive Team


Vice-President Internal

Vice President External



Marketing Director

Community Director

Declan Heim

Benjamin McGrath

Courtney Coates

Jasen Yu

Austin Marandos

Jenny Li

Angie Quan

2019 Executive Team (Co-Founders)

Shakthi Saravanan, Jay Anand, Tom Hazell, Declan Heim

Our Partners

LEADSOC is proud to present E-LEAD Global as a major sponsor for 2020. E-LEAD Global Centre of Excellence for Leadership, Engagement and Development is a purpose-driven organisation devoted to developing and enhancing the capabilities, aspirations and impact of future and emerging leaders for active global leadership.

E-LEAD works with leading organisations globally to equip students with critical skills for the 21st century through highly personalised global immersion programs that focus on Innovation, Leadership, Sustainability and Entrepreuneurship.

As a major sponsor, E-LEAD is supporting LEADSOC to empower UNSW students through leadership development. Be sure to find out more about E-LEAD immersion programs available to all students!